This complaint really was received by a local taxi firm.
Addressed to, 'A female member of staff' at ************ (Passenger Services)

(Woman staff only.)

Dear Madam,
I have to make a complaint about a man taxi driver touching my
clothes while gettting in a taxi.

I would like this complaint to be dealt with by a woman member
of ************* staff only.

I am a disabled woman living in a 1 person household who uses
this service for shopping trips frequently without any trouble.
I have been impressed by the difference to buses and will never
willingly use buses again for travelling.I have become a
permanent woman taxi passenger now due to *********'s fine
services offered to residents.

But I have to ,infrequently,remind you that I will not tolerate
drivers,men/women,touching either me or my clothes while travell
ing.On 13 3 2003,at 2.00pm,a man driver arrived to collect me and
drive home after shopping,at the **************************** store.

He opened the door at the back for me to get in.He should have
positioned himself while doing this standing by the side of the
door. I was offended that he, in fact,positioned himseld
immediately behind me.In the rush to avoid any personal contact
with the driver,I was hastily forced,juggling with 2 heavy
shopping bags at the same time,and was not given sufficient time i
in which to adjust my clothing.the belt of my mac was obviously
trailing and would have got caught tin the door on shutting it.
To save time,the impatient man got hold of the belt and flicked
it into the car on my lap.

1. He ought not to have stood,positioned right behind me
where he was out of my range of vision.Single women in self
defence all the time,like to keep a man where they can see him
or rather, in ***********, them.This position looks indecent. It
looks very rude to strangers to the town. I had to rush to
ensure no contact was made physically by his penis against me.
I get upset at this positioning.Local men do it and it is wrong
to women travelling alone like me.This stance must be stopped
by Passenger Services immediately. I write to guard and protect
myself from danger posed by local men

2. All taxi drivers employed by this firm ,men and women,
must be informed they nust never,never touch me physically or
my clothes.It is a bad habit that must be halted from spread
ing countrywide. In this instance, the correct proceduee should
have been to point to my belt,indicating that it was in the way,
then I would see this and remove the belt myself without any
problem.No more than that was needed.Or,he could have told me it
was in the way.Why didn't he?Either of those 2 methods would have
benen proper. I will appreciate a faxed reply.

Yours sincerely