My T6963c Graphic LCD project.

The project is based originally from Steve Lawther's 'T6963C Based Lcd test circuit', but now mainly uses code and some circuit mods from the EPE magazine supplement, 'How to use graphic liquid displays with pics', by John Becker.
Many thanks too for the help received from Nigel Goodwin.

I now have the permission of to offer this supplement for download.

Download it here

Please contact me if this file helps you.

Steve Lawther used a 240*64 display, I had many problems deciphering his pic code to get the 128*64 of mine to function. He also used two PP3 batteries to supply the -18v for the display contrast as apposed to the reverse voltage converter IC John Becker used. I've found my display works fine with 1 PP3 for a -9v contrast voltage.

I've added RS232 lines so I can connect to my Psion and control the displays.

I also added a 2*16 character display for debugging purposes and a 24LC64 or 256 Eeprom to my circuit. It has full read/write capabilities. I can store images or text to be displayed directly to either display and program the Eeprom directly from the Psion. No more Ic-Prog or JDM programmers :)

Here the circuit board can be seen connected to my Psion 5.

Graphics and text can be displayed at the same time and either can be cleared or re-wrote without affecting the other.

{short description of image}

The first shot is simply the letters BAZ wrote to the screens text locations. The second one has the graphic read from I2C eeprom and displayed. As you can see, the text remains unchanged.

The third is a doodle I created whilst writing the Psion software that writes the image to a text file ready for programming into Eeprom. As you can see, 'Created in Ibiza, On a rainy day 02/10/02' Yes, I was on holiday. Sad....

The bog standard circuit.

The main circuit

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For the RS232 connection, this circuit is added.

RS232 support

For the Eeprom I2C I added this circuit.

I left the WP pin floating. I got better results.

I2C support

Just for the hell of it, and debugging, I added a 2*16 character display.

Why not :)

RB6 and RB7 are used for in-circuit programming. This feature is not on the bog standard circuit shown above. Some modification to the F877A's power supply is needed

My Pic code can be found here

You will need a copy of Karl Lunt's include file macros.asm

And the Psion OPL program code is here

The original demo pic code is here in Asm. Or here in Hex.

Many thanks to John Becker, Steve Lawther and EPE magazine.

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