RawIr.dll Methods and Properties.

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ActivateLed(0 or 1), device specific,  flashes the Led on and off.
I use it to show the port is open.

DeActivateLed(0 or 1) stops flashing the Led.
I use it to show the port is closed.

Warning ish. This was first done on a non phone PPC.
On some Phone PPC devices this actually starts/stops the vibrate function :-)
If you ActivateLed (?) then quit your program before issuing DeActivate(?), the Led will continue to flash,
or will continue to Vibrate until you re-run your app and call this command, or perform a soft reset.

Thanks to DZT from the Basic4ppc forum for the above.


Author, Returns my email address and other info.

Baud(), sets or returns the Baudrate. Default 9600.

ClosePort, does just that.

ComPort(), sets or returns the port number. Default 4.

Dispose, frees the memory used be SerialNet.dll
This must be called before closing your application or a soft reset is imminent.

Message(), holds the text to TransmitIr, any ReceiveIr text and all general Open/Close port status messages.

New1(), New1("RegKey")

OpenPort, does just that.

IsOpen, Returns True or False if port is open

Parity(), sets or returns the parity. Default 0.

RawIr(), True or False. Default True for IR port reading.

ReadTimeOut(), in milliseconds. Default 5000.

ReceiveIr, reads any IR into 'Message'.

StopBits(), sets or returns the StopBit. Default 1.

ToString ?

TransmitIR, sends any text in 'Message'.