Basic4ppc and Graphic LCD Modules

I bought this display from Sparkfun electronics. It has a Microchip microcontroller on board. It works via pre-set serial commands.
I powered it up and added a Bluetooth device to the serial lines.

Using Basic4ppc on my O2 XDA PPC I have full control over it. This should work on the desktop as well.

This Basic4ppc source code here , allows you to open 84x48 BMP files, convert them and upload them to the LCD.
Text support and line drawing is also supported. Here's the user manual for the display.


128x64 and 2/4 line x16 displays


This source code here is for the desktop. It gives full graphic and text options to both sorts of display via serial control.
Obviously your display must be wired to some serial enabled microcontroller first.