My other half had picked up a 'known', ex smackhead.
He wanted to go to the P.O. to cash his giro, but couldn't pay for the taxi till he had cashed it.
Now the guy had a coat and a shirt hung over his arm. I'll leave these in the taxi while I nip for my money.
Once parked near the P.O. our lass said Trainer.
What, he replied.
Leave 1 of your trainers here.
You're joking.
Look at my face, am I smiling.
He reapeared after 3 minutes for his shirt, coat and trainer, with the fare ;-)

Jim from Pittsburgh, PA USA. sent this ...

I emmigrated to US via Canada from London UK. I travel a lot and take taxis. A quick story for you.

There were 3 of us traveling in Tokyo from the hotel to the airport. We loaded the luggage in the boot at the hotel and at the airport took all the bags out. When we checked in at the airline counter we had one extra bag - it was the cabbies lunch and work out gear!

Here is an E-mail I received from AndyH.
Sort of sums up what cab drivers face, day in, day out.

One woman refused to let me drop her off in the street that she lived in as she didn't want me to know where she lived. I look normal honestly and didn't say a word to her on the journey.

The next day one wouldn't get out of my cab until I kissed her, (and she was sober), and not bad looking either !

Six weeks of ferrying old dears to the 'top of town' for a third of 55p was too much for me and I jacked it in ! "

Here's one from an aunt of mine.

As for taxi humour, last time I was in London with my daughter, we got a black cab from city centre to London Bridge.
Fairly well known site I thought.
"Which way's that then love ?", asked the prat with, 'the knowledge'.
Perhaps it was his idea of humour.