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This was on sale in our local Somerfields, 129.99. Jan/01/06.

Would have been a shame not to buy it at that price :-)

Medion Micromaxx MDPPC150. Microsoft windows for PocketPC 2003 OS, 32mb ROM, 64mb RAM, 240 x 320 TFT Display and a PXA255 300mhz ARM processor.

It has a built in GPS receiver, and had Medion 5 Sat Nav software pre-installed on a 256mb SD memory card. This was replaced straight away with a 1gig memory card and TomTom Navigator 5.21.

Here's a fix for the known broken sync/charger socket problem. Tested as OK, by me.
Rob M emailed about a Typhoon 3500 /mio 168 fix. I couldn't help, but here's his findings.
This is NOT tested by me.
Typhoon 3500 / mio 168 fix
Information on how to communicate with Microchip PIC devices via PPC InfraRed can be found here. Pic --> Ppc --> Pic
The No1 programming application for the Pocket PC.

A must have for PPC serial port projects.