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By Klaus

By Specci48

By Mr Gee



As ever, if you want anything doing, do it yourself. Surgery time .......
With a little help from 'wakko' on Pocket GPS World: Forums

After this modification you will have a fully re-chargeable, working unit.
You won't be able to Active sync via cable.
Perhaps buy a USB IR dongle and sync via infrared. IR is built into my laptop :-)
I also have a USB SD card reader for large file transfer.

Undo the four screws on the back of the unit. Not the one on the Gps bit.
With the screen facing you, use a butter knife to 'pop' the bottom right corner of the casing apart.
Do the same for the bottom left side.
Lay it screen face down, and 'pop' the rest of the case apart.
There is a small wire between the back casing and the front (circuit board).
Either disconnect the wire, (little gold plug on the circuit board),
or lay the back casing to one side.

The unit in these two photo's is not broken. (Yet. Ha ha ha, famous last words ! )
I recommend you carefully remove the silver socket if yours is broken.

Medion Mdppc150 motherboard

A close-up

Mdppc150 motherboard

I did a some continuity checks with my multimeter and found out these 2 solder pads are directly connected to the charger socket. The POS one has the full 5V on it from the charger and the GND has a direct connection to it. So these pads are obviously before any on-board circuitry.

NORMALLY, when the charger is plugged in, none of the batteries 5 wires (or the 6 terminals) has 5V on it.
One has 4.?V on it.

So a wrong connection directly to battery leads could cause Explosion !!

Should the charger socket break or collapse, solder 2 wires to these pads with a suitable connector etc on the other end.

Now there's a very clever trick to take the stress off the wires soldered to the motherboard.

I'm to nice to you peeps.

I use the word 'Green' below, just to show that the piece of cable in the diagram that is 'green', is  2 'core' cable.
Wire from a HiFi speaker is 2 core. 1 piece of cable with 2 wires in it. (2 core)
Solder thinner wires onto the end of the 2 core and solder these to the 2 solder pads on the motherboard.
The 'socket' on the other end, is 'any' socket that matches the plug 'you' put on the pda's charger.
As I say below. Inside the unit at point B (on the back casing) is a plastic post.
Make sure the loop is round this post when you put the 2 parts of the case together.


Dave emailed me wanting to know which wires to put a plug on with an in-car charger.
Black is GND, connect the Red and White together +5V


23 Jan 2007 - I can confirm that this works. Just done the mod to my bosses MIO 168




25th Oct 2007 - On this Medion I used a part of the original charger plug. I had to remove a small piece of the casing.
A much more robust approach.


If you use a socket from some other source eg, Nokia phone,

Please build yourself a simple continuity tester before emailing me.

If you can't work out what wires to wire where, give up !!!




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Each case is different. I don't know if you've already knackered your device before sending it to me.

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