If you got the URL of this site from the back of my taxi, you were travelling to close. :-)

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A new forum for everything Chesterfield.

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Small claim to fame on Google's Street View.

Me on the Vicar Lane taxi rank in Chesterfield.  Our cat Jack, RIP 20/04/2011, sat in our front room window.
My family genealogy pages can be viewed here.
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Plus an explanation of 'The Fly'.
My genealogy.
As a taxi driver, I meet a lot of people, and hear a lot of 'silly' things.
Read some of them here.
A bit of fun

My Border Fine Arts Slate Blue Cubist Cat Collection.

My old phone, PDA, SatNav, gadget, the O2 XDA Orbit.

Here are various bits of info, files etc ..... 

Here's are some of my Microchip PIC projects, including how to use T6963C based Graphic LCD's and IR / Bluetooth RS232 communications from a Pocket PC.

Using Graphic LCD's Pdf download also available.

Micromaxx MDPPC 150 Pocket PC info.
(Mio 168 clone).
Plus a fix for the common broken charger socket on this and the Typhoon 3500 model.
Last update 15/01/2008
Here are some of my Psion PDA projects. Technical stuff
My other half is into fishing.
The pictures are here.
Check these fish.
Here is a plug for my employer..


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